Ick, Ick, Ick, Ick, Ick: Kanye gets some old intel, and JayZ multiplies. A critique of CLIQUE by Kanye West, JayZ and Big Sean

by LaTisha Conto

CLIQUE by Kanye West, JayZ and Big Sean

I would leave this alone entirely if it wasn’t self-proclaimed ‘GOOD music’

Big Sean starts things off and by the sound of it he is just as shocked to be on this record as we are listening to it: Oh God. Whoa. Okay.

At first I think when he says clique, he’s talking about unloading a gun but then I realize he says it five times and so he must be talking about his group of individuals who hang out together. 

He sounds like he had a tracheotomy and has a voice modulator held up to his throat. (But so does Drake, so maybe this is a trend I’m missing out on)

He goes into his verse and it immediately sounds like Good Burger Soundtrack meets Nickelodeon Sitcom theme song. 

He says some stuff about being the villain, and rich, and banging chicks. Super edgy stuff.

JayZ - basically drops a bunch of names and proves he can times by 2 while he raps. 

Big Sean comes back to let his know that nobody fucking with his clique (though I do believe this post proves otherwise)

Oh God. Whoa: Here comes Kanye. He’s proud his girl got famous by sucking dick. He drops George Tenet’s name and I can only assume Tenet and Kanye were talking 2002 politics, but I do love that Kanye feels special enough to talk to the ex-ex-ex CIA him in a song. He quickly moves on and outs Tom Cruise (Whatever she accuse/ He wasn’t really drunk he just had a few brews) and he mentioned he might go into the hotel design business.

(SIDEBAR) His clothing line looks like the kind of shit I designed in the 4th grade when I would daydream about having my own clothing line. 

Also, he lets you know that he knows that Bar Rafael is from Israel and Giselle is Brazilian.  He lets you know he is blessed. And then Big Sean comes back to tell us that ain’t nobody fucking with his Clique.

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