A critique of MERCY. Another gem from Kanye.

by LaTisha Conto

Okay, here we go:

It starts off with some crazy sounding woman speaking in a language I can’t undestand. But fear not! Big Sean to the rescue with what I believe to be is the translation _ Lamborghini Mercy your chick she’s so thirsty – Ah but mayne he’s wrong because crazy lady interupts him mid sentence and seems to say ‘No that aint what I said’ He tries again and says, well, the same thing.

@ Chainz offers up his own interpretation –Swerve, Swerve – but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have it right either.

Seems like Big Sean  gets annoyed and stops it all by starting it off:

Again, it sounds like he has a tracheotomy and is holding a voice box to his throat. He seems to be playing a game of boggle and just keeps layering words based on the variation of ass.

Sometime during his verse it seems like the Make A Wish kid wandered into the studio (also known as Kanye) to record his wish to be a rapper (huuhhhhhhhhh)

So translator  comes back in and speaks English and then crazy woman translates it for him into ?

Pusha T comes in and has one of the lamest verses and to spice it up (I think) they just toss in the word Ho at the end) He lets us know that he was a Jetsons fan (were’nt we all)

Crazy woman comes back and goes on a rampage in some language I can’t understand and at this point I’m sure Pusha T, 2 Chainz and Big Sean have all decided ‘Fuck this’ and have left the studio so that it’s just crazy woman and Make A Wish

Make A Wish raps, He of course mentions Molly (because like seats being bleached or like cocaine, rappers know how to beat an idea to death. At press time I’m sure that no less than 10 rap songs hot right now mention something about Molly) His bitch is prettier than your bitch and he’s the shit. Like we didn’t know.

Ope, here comes Pusha talking about what color everything he owns is : Chain- akon, Coupe: Mayonaise. He lets you know A1 steak sauce is his favorite (normally I wouldn’t suppose he’s talking about steak sauce here but one can only assume that since this is his clique and Kanye gave us the gem – ‘ Laury’s salty’ – I believe it’s steak sauce he is referring to.