Girls Vs Boys

by LaTisha Conto

You, want to

Hold me

Scold me

Marry me

Bury me

Hate me

Date me

Rape me

Ejaculate me

Hold me down

Put me on a pedestal

Tie a rope around my throat

Ask me who my daddy is

Kick out the pedestal

Snuff me out

Turn me out

Cradle me

Cuddle me

Cuff me

Fuck me

Cut me

Cum on my face

Cum on my tits

Watch me dance on a pole

Watch me dance on your dick

Introduce me to your parents

Hit me

Hide me

Tie me up

Eat me

Beat me

Call me your babe

Call me your lover

Call me the cunt that acts just like your mother

Make me your wife

Make me your mistress

Make me bend over and lift up my dress

Diss me

Respect me

Disrespect me

Pee on me

Date me

Penetrate me

Tell your friends I graduated top of my class

Tell your friends I take it in the ass

Kiss me

Hug me

Hate fuck me

Date rape me

Slut shame me

Mind game me

Tame me

Call me a bore

Call me your whore when you love me

Call me a whore when you’re done with me

Call me, call me, call me

Don’t call me

Tell me I’m ugly

Tell me I’m pretty

Tell me I’m crazy

Tell me to have your baby

Flee a pregnant me.


And all I want to do is love you.