La Tisha is currently wrapping up her final year as an undergrad studying Sociology. She is a prison abolitionist. She is working at a legal aid organization and raising 3 cats. And she’s not busy enough so she’s writing things on the side, and studying on her own in hopes of one day becoming a LCSW who specializes in racial trauma, intergenerational trauma, PTSD, and formerly incarcerated individuals and their families. She has written several pilots, features, and a book! She’s happy to let you read any of them. Head over to her Scripts tab for more info on projects.

Her projects incorporate all of the things she’s been through, and all of the things that she sees on a daily basis. Her POV is represented in every project, and it is specific and confident. You will love or hate what she has to ay but it will not be forgettable.

She does films too! Weird little shorts, and sweet little shorts, and improv sketches and eulogies about boomerangs. She writes, she creates, and she works to get people free. And she loves her cats and her partner.

My favorite piece I’ve ever written: A Girl Walked Into A Wall

My Favorite Line I’ve ever written: “At the foot of a great wall is there not a great uprise?’

My favorite character: Nola Shumway because she represents what I see as the United States. And it is gross.